A Dynamic Market

With representation offices in Miami (USA), Mexico City (Mexico) and Caracas (Venezuela); we support in the development of its products, for national and international companies in Latin America.

We are an integral solution. We generate proposals and solutions for each particular case. We can provide operators with massive products of excellent quality, which will allow them to expand their number of users, generating greater benefits for both parties, such as consumption of voice and data, and "retail", we want to offer a reliable option so they can provide to its final consumers of the products they demand and need; from a basic equipment to the most innovative and technological.

Building Bridges

Distribuidora Bridge Comm C.A., tries to establish and create a direct relationship, with both, open market channels and carriers. At the present, distributors of electronic equipment are limited to import merchandise and sell it in the local market. Our proposal consists of not only selling to the "retail", but advising them throughout the sales process, the "mix” of purchase, direct marketing with the final customer, the design and display of showcases and exhibition areas, etc.




In case you require more information, please contact us and we will gladly assist all your concerns and needs.